1.MEME CREATE “Imgflip” is the name of this website.We can create names by using this website.This website has many meme templates.We can use these meme templates for creating memes Open this website. See the already meme template in that page. “Upload your own image” option will be there near thatRead More →

1.PROXY SITES Proxy Site is a blocked website opening website. We cannot open the blocked websites.Using this proxy site website we can open all type of blocked website. Copy the URL link of blocked website and paste that in proxy site.Now the blocked website will open.This is very useful website.Read More →

1.ALGORITHMIA This website is very useful to change our Black & White photo into color photo. Select the upload option and select your Black and White photo. Now your Black and White photo will automatically change into color photo. This website option will change our Black and White photo intoRead More →