FOCUS BOT Focus bot using this app we can send message automatically who is calling to our mobile when we are in meeting or in busy work.This app will mute our app notification we can read that messages and calls after our meeting.This is a best android apps. HOW TORead More →

NEEDED SOFTWARE’S Odin software(1mb). Click Here Samsung USB driver(15mb). Click Here Winrar(2mb). Click Here Samsung operating system(OS). HOW TO DOWNLOAD SAMSUNG OPERATING SYSTEM First visit “Sam-mobile” website. Click Here Click “Join button” in that website and create account. Next Click”FIRMWARE” option. That Firmware has search option. In that search boxRead More →

1.TI-36 CALCULATOR This is a calculator app. This app lock like a original calculator. we can calculate all type of calculations. This app has many features. Combinatorics,spacial,polynomial,statistical,linear algebra,Functions,Number theory and logic are the features of this app. Click the camera option to open the back camera scan the sums inRead More →

1.EYE CON This app shows us the Facebook profile of the person who are all in our phone contact,using the app we can directly send them whats-app and sms and also this app is very useful for us to know who is call us.we can also see the name inRead More →

1.MEME CREATE “Imgflip” is the name of this website.We can create names by using this website.This website has many meme templates.We can use these meme templates for creating memes Open this website. See the already meme template in that page. “Upload your own image” option will be there near thatRead More →