Using this app you can take video without the knowledge of others. You must use this app only for good deeds like evidence,safety,and secrets in this app. We can manually set the like camera settings [front,back],video quality[low,medium,high],duration [minutes]an video format [portrait,orientation,landscape]. You can hide the secret videos in this app.Read More →

This is an ios application. Using this application We can use the apps tools in shortcut. This is also called i phone notification panel. “Flight mods,torchlight,camera screen time out,music player,Bluetooth,WiFi,sync,night mode”are options in this application. Manually we can use the brightness and volumes adjustment. This is very useful launcher forRead More →

This is very different and classical launcher. Swipe up to browse the apps. Swipe left to right to know the latest news. Give long press to any app to know the shortcut of that app. For example if you give long press for the “you tube”app,trending ,subscription win appear. YouRead More →

This launcher looks very stylish. This launcher has clock in center and apps. Swipe up to use some apps in shortcut. Swipe down to search the apps. Swipe side to browse the app. Long press the app to uninstall,info,hide&lock. Press the keypad to dial and contact. Click the settings optionRead More →