Using this app we can open any type of websites without the use of vpn. This is an proxy server app. Click the “search box”option and type the name of the website [ex;]. Then click the go option. Now you can see the website which you type. This isRead More →

This is a wallpaper app. This app will looks like a wallpaper launcher. Swipe left to view the Ram,battery and android version. Swipe right to view the CPU,internet storage. This wallpaper looks very nice. This app will have only on wallpaper. Open this app. Click “set as wallpaper”option. Now theRead More →

Using this app we can recover the history of mobile number for any years.We can know the phone number,call duration,time of the caller,receiver and missed call details. HOW TO DO First install E2PDF app for your mobile.I have given the link of this app.You download and install in your mobile.Read More →