1.RADON   Using This App you can SHARE Everything to your friends ,what you are seeing in your online without any change. You want to click the share option in YouTube(or) Website which you are seeing ,If you Install the RADON app. The Radon app will open.Click that Radon app.Read More →

1.ALGORITHMIA This website is very useful to change our Black & White photo into color photo. Select the upload option and select your Black and White photo. Now your Black and White photo will automatically change into color photo. This website option will change our Black and White photo intoRead More →

Today we are going to learn how to hide and lock the Files,drives and folders in your PC and laptop. At the end of this post i have given the “Gilisoft” file lock software. download and install in your computer. Open the “Gilisoft” file lock software. Now it is askRead More →

Today we are going to learn how to use pattern lock for computer.Sometimes when we are working in laptop or PC by chance we need to getup from that system.It will make chance to other for look into our computer.In that time we can use this pattern lock for ourRead More →