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Read this before Investing Money!

This post is about a full detail of investment.From this post we can know what is investment?. What we have to invest?. Which investment will make us popular and familiar to all?.


  • Apart from money every one invest something to fulfill our aim.Investment is not only the money.
  • Apart from money we spend our time (or) our property to reach the goal in our life.This process is called as an investment.
  • In SimpleĀ  Knowledge+input+time=output.


A person has an aim to became an actor.So first he learn how to act and do some stage play or any small role.He did this activity only to became a famous hero and get many fame.He suffer lot to reach his aim.So the time and life he spend to become an actor is his investment and the money he earn and the popularity is his output.In simple he invest life and time and gain money and popularity.


We can’t measure our success in equal measurement.Every success has various measurement.To differentiate this measurement here i give our simple example.

  • Becoming an actor is difficult.
  • A govt job is easier than actor.
  • Getting and kind of job is very easy.

But getting any kind of job will give us less reward but becoming an actor job will give more reward than govt job.We have to take high effort and risk to become an actor.High risk gives more rewards.Low risk gives less reward.So this risk will measure our success.

In our life everything has risk.More risk will gives more return.Without risk we cannot invest anything.Everything has risk but only difference is how much the risk is?. So we should never fear to take risk in our investment.”Not Taking Risk Is The Biggest Risk“.

Value of money is not consonant.It will goes down with time.So don’t keep the money without taking risk.First realize yourself that how much risk you can take.Invest the money and reach the goal according to your risk.

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