How to scan virus in our mobile-Malware Protector for android

    1. This is a virus cleaning application for our android mobile.
    2. Install and open this app.
    3. This app is removed malware in our app just 2 minutes.
    4. After open click “Three dotted” line near dashboard.
    5. Then select “Scanner” option.
    6. Click “Run a scan” button.

    7. Now all the apps,files will be scanned by this app.
    8. Virus in your mobile will be shown in the mobile.
    9. Click “Remove selected” button.
    10. Now the virus will be deleted from your mobile.
    11. This is very useful application for all android users.
    12. Install and clean the virus from your mobile.

    13. Advantages of this app is very smooth and fast cleaning.
    14. Its a best malware protected app.
    15. You can install this app from play-store.
    16. Now i given the link of this application.
    17. If you affected by malware use this app.

    18. Download

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