New Whatsapp update-Different Stylish whatsapp for android

  1. This post is about a new whatsapp application.
  2. First uninstall your present whatsapp and install this whatsapp app(I have given the link of this app).
  3. This whatsapp has many useful features.
  4. This whatsapp looks very smart and gives very smart look to your phone.
  5. Click “+” symbol in the chat to give heart,Like expressions to the chat.

  6. This “+” symbol has many icons like heart,like,Text style and boom settings.
  7. You can set pattern lock for your whatsapp chat.
  8. Click “Whatsapp” near the logo and set pattern lock.
  9. This lock is used for secret chat with our friends.
  10. Click the “KEY” icon to change the pin or finger print to your whatsapp.

  11. Click the “Three dotted” symbol go to “Aero theme” and select :Download Aero theme” to give very smart looking themes for your whatsapp homepage.
  12. This “Aero theme” has large collections of themes.Try this theme to your whtsapp.
  13. Click “Privacy” to change some settings.
  14. Click “Group Icon” and select ” About” option to change some settings your group.
  15. This application has many options so try this whatsapp application and enjoy the options.

  16. Download

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