How to take family photo-Remotely controlled

  1. This is very superb camera app.
  2. This app is very useful to take group photo or family photo.
  3. Normally we have to set “Count down” to take family photo.
  4. Sometime this type of will not be clear.But using this app we can take our photo with clear.
  5. We used two mobile to use this app.
  6. Use one mobile as a camera and another mobile as a capture.

  7. Install and open the app.
  8. Click “Connect” button in capture mobile.
  9. Next click “Connect” button on camera mobile.
  10. Now the camera will open in both mobile.
  11. Set you camera mobile and click “Capture” button in another mobile.
  12. This is very useful app.
  13. Try this app to take clear family photo.

  14. Download

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