Latest whatsapp update 2020 | Beautiful whatsapp for Android

  1. This post is about a super and wonderful whatsapp application.
  2. Install and open this app.
  3. This whatsapp has very good look and very smart to see.
  4. You can set name for your whatsapp profile.
  5. Click the profile.
  6. Next type your name and click ok.
  7. Click the “Wall clock” option to set the time.

  8. Select the “WiFi” symbol to stop the message sending and reciving.
  9. Use “Search” option to search the contacts.
  10. Click the “Side button” in the whatsapp.
  11. This side button has manage option like “video crop,camera and new chat.
  12. Click the “Square” option and go to settings.
  13. Select “Pengaturn plus” option.
  14. Next click “Privacy” option.

  15. This privacy has many option like freeze last seen,Hide status view etc.
  16. Then click “Universal” option and select “Theme app” option to change the color and theme to page your whatsapp home page.
  17. Click “Animasi” option to give animation for your whatsapp home page.
  18. This is very useful whatsapp app.
  19. This app has many option .
  20. Click plus symbol for text emoji,text repeater and text boom.
  21. This whatsapp is very simple and smart looking.
  22. Try this whatsapp for your mobile.

  23. Download

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