Kingotv apk download(2020)

  1. This is movie downloading app.
  2. Using this app we can watch latest movies,Tv shows and Tamil dubbed movies in HD format on android mobile.
  3. We can watch live and also we can download the movie in the app.
  4. This app has many Hollywood dubbed movies in HD formats.
  5. Install and open the app.

  6. Select the movie which you like.
  7. To download the movie click “Download” option.
  8. Now you can select “External download”.
  9. Install “IDM” app to download the movie.

  10. Click “IDM” and disable “WiFi only” option.
  11. Then click “START” button.
  12. The movie will download in your mobile.
  13. To watch the movie go to “File manager”-“IDM”-“Videos”.
  14. Click “Watch now” option to watch the movie in online.

  15. Download

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