How to track smartphone live location with chat | NOBODY KNOWS

  1. In this post we learn how to track the location of your friend mobile by your whatsapp message.You use this method only to track your family members mobiles.
  2. Install “TRACK MY PHONE” app(I give the link of this app use the link to install in your mobile)
  3. Open this app.
  4. Select “Settings option” and click”EDIT PIN”option.
  5. Type the pin number as you like and give “OK”(eg:8888)
  6. Click “comment” to know the process of this mobile.

  7. Do this same process in your friend mobile.
  8. Open Whatsapp and type “Battery”and pin number.(ex:Battery8888)
  9. Now the battery level of your friend mobile will show on your whatsapp message.
  10. Type “Torch and pin number”(eg:Tourch8888)
  11. Torch will power on in your friend mobile.
  12. Enter”Location and pin number”(eg:Location8888).

  13. “Google map link” will come to your mobile.
  14. Click that link and track the location of your friend in live.
  15. This is very super and useful app.
  16. This app will use for you in some critical situation.
  17. Use this app to track your friends.
  18. Not use in illegal way.
  19. Install and try this app.

  20. Download

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