New Whatsapp in 2020-Stylish whatsapp for Android

  1. In this post we listen about a superb type of whatsapp and features of that whatsapp.
  2. I have given the link of this whatsapp.
  3. Use that link to download and install that whatsapp in your mobile.
  4. This is like “GB whatsapp” and this is not a fake whatsapp.
  5. This is very worthy whatsapp.
  6. Install and open the whatsapp.
  7. Give your mobile number and register it.

  8. This whatsapp looks very superb and very fancy model.
  9. Click this “Minus” option and put the message in “Flight mode”.
  10. You can’t receive and send the message.
  11. Click the “Three lined” option and select “Fouad mods” option to change the theme of your whatsapp.
  12. Click “Theme Application” and select “Dark theme” to make your whatsapp background in black color.
  13. Select “Transparent theme” to set your phone wallpaper to your whatsapp background.
  14. Select “Privacy and security” option.
  15. Enable “Freeze last seen” option to freeze your seen.

  16. Using this option you can see only the last used whatsapp video.
  17. Next enable “Hide view status” option.
  18. Using this option you can control the counts of your view status.
  19. Next click “Whatsapp lock” option to put lock your whatsapp.
  20. This whatsapp has “Music buttons” using this music button you can control the background musics in whatsapp.
  21. This whatsapp has many useful features.
  22. Try this whatsappp and use it.

  23. Download

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