How to watch any youtube videos with your friends togetherly

  1. This app is used to watch the youtube videos lively with your friends.
  2. Using this app you can enjoy the video with your friends with same time.
  3. You and your friend must install this app.
  4. Install and open the app.
  5. Click “video” option.

  6. Your friend also click the video option.
  7. select the video which you like to watch.
  8. you can also search the video that you like.
  9. Now three option will show on your screen.
  10. Click “Watch with a friend” option.

  11. Now the select the contact number of your friend.
  12. Your friend also want to do this process.
  13. Now you and your friend will have the same page.
  14. Anyone can play this video.
  15. Now the video will play on you and your friend mobile at the same time.
  16. In this app you two can chat with each other.
  17. To change the video click the “Video tab” and change the video.
  18. This is very superb app.

  19. Download

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