Get notification when your friend online and offline on whatsapp

  1. Using this app we can trace our friend whatsapp through notification.This is very useful app.This is a free to use.
  2. Download and install this app in your mobile(I have given the link of this app in this post).
  3. Open the app.
  4. A URL page will appear on the page.
  5. Use share or copy option and send the URL code though any sharing media to another mobile or other devices.
  6. Open the link in the another mobile or other device.

  7. Check next in your mobile.
  8. Now QR code will open in another mobile or other device.
  9. Now click “Open whatsapp web” in your mobile.
  10. Then go to your whatsapp and click three dots then select “Whatsapp web”.
  11. Now to scan the QR code in your mobile.
  12. Enable the notification in your mobile.

  13. Then select your friend you can select only one person.
  14. Now your trace your friend whatsapp through notification in your mobile.
  15. If he is online,You will get notification.
  16. You can also know the time history.
  17. This is free application.

  18. Download

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