How to Block Sites and APPS in Your Android-Using APPLICATION

  • This app used to open and block the websites{chrome} and apps in your mobile.
  • Using this app we can prevent our mobile from others.
  • It you use this app nobody can open any website and app in your mobile.


  1. Install “block site”app.{i have give the link of this app}.
  2. Open the app website and app blocking option will present on that app.

  3. Type the website names which you like to block{ex:}.
  4. Now you search this app{} on chrome.this site will never open.
  5. In app box type the apps which you like to block.
  6. Click “schedule”option to set date and time and block the apps on that date and time.
  7. This is very useful app.install and try it.

  8. Download

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