4D-GRUBL | Wallpaper application-Change Your Desktop on Mobile

  1. This is 3d and 4d live wallpaper app.
  2. This app is look like a original wallpaper on your mobile.
  3. This app has many wallpapers.
  4. Wallpapers are given in category  wise.

  5. Click the wallpaper which you like and use it.
  6. This app has free and paid wallpaper.
  7. You need one key to use”paid wallpaper”.
  8. You will get 3 keys at first.

  9. If you used this keys.
  10. you can earn the keys by clicking the key option and also you can get key by seeing the video ads.
  11. This wallpaper give very different look to your mobile.

  12. Download

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