How to record video secretly-Nobody Know this Trick(Android)

  1. Using this app you can take video without the knowledge of others.
  2. You must use this app only for good deeds like evidence,safety,and secrets in this app.
  3. We can manually set the like camera settings [front,back],video quality[low,medium,high],duration [minutes]an video format [portrait,orientation,landscape].

  4. You can hide the secret videos in this app.
  5. You can create pattern ,password for “file manager”.


  1. Install this app and open it.
  2. Click the “red color”option to record the video.
  3. You can also record the video with “power button off ” of position.
  4. To off the recording open the app and again click the red the recording will be get off.
  5. Go to file manager to view your recorded video.
  6. This is a superb app.
  7. Install this app and use it.

  8. Download

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