Find your mobile searches from your child-parents Helping App-Shadow Application review

  1. Using  this app we can easily trace what our friends and relatives  searching in our mobile.
  2. Whatever apps they used to search in our mobile,we can easily find that app.
  3. Name of this app is “shadow” i have given the link of this”shadow”app in this post.
  4. Click that link ,”google play store” will install this app in google play store.
  5. Install and open the app.

  6. Select the “authenticate” option and create your password.
  7. Next click “activate shadow”option button and enable the app keyboard.
  8. This is a keyboard format app.
  9. Exit the app.

  10. It give your mobile your friends.They will use chrome,default browser,you tube,Facebook,and your phone apps to search any content.
  11. Get your mobile and open the “shadow”app and type your privacy password.
  12. The app will open select the”view log” option.
  13. The log will open with “HTML”format.

  14. Now you can see the apps what they use to search in your mobile with text format.
  15. This is very different and useful app.
  16. You can also delete the log by selecting the “delete log “option.
  17. Click “deactivate”button to disable the “shadow”app.
  18. This app is very useful for parent’s.

  19. Download

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