(Photo message) How to Share secret Message on Whatsapp

  1. Secret this app is used to send text message to our friends.
  2. Install this app and open it.
  3. This app will have three options.

  4. They are “Decode Text” , “Encode Text”, and Image settings”.
  5. Click “encode text”option and type your messages.
  6. Then click “create image” option.
  7. Noe one image will be create for your messages.
  8. Click save and save the image.
  9. Send the image in whats app to your friend.
  10. Your friends also should be install this app.

  11. Now your friend click the ‘Decode option’and see the image.
  12. Then open the image.
  13. Now the text will appear in your friend mobile.
  14. Likewise you can send the secret message to your friends in image type.
  15. This is very superb and very useful app.

  16. Download

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