Renegade Launcher Review for Android

  1. This is a superb launcher.
  2. We can use the normal icons to create the pattern password to open the apps.
  3. For example if you put “L” symbol on the icon.
  4. Next click the “+” symbol on this launcher.

  5. Then click “Add an item from” option on this launcher.
  6. Now to app browsers will open this launcher;.
  7. Then select any app to set the password.
  8. Now you put the “L” symbol on this launcher app icons.
  9. The selected app will appear on the screen.
  10. Right side of the screen in launcher four dots will appear.
  11. Click that dots to brows the music,phone apps etc..
  12. If you want to browse the app click UI button on this launcher.
  13. This launcher is useful for all android users.

  14. Download

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