ARC launcher Review For Android

  1. This is a smart and stylish launcher.
  2. This launcher has a super out view look.
  3. Top of screen shows the details of network info and system info.
  4. If you need to browse the app in your phone,swipe the screen up all apps will come on to your screen.
  5. You can hide the app to swipe the from left to right .The display will be in black.
  6. Top of the right side on the launcher click the “+” symbol.
  7. All the apps will come to screen.

  8. Select the app which you like to hide.
  9. After hide your app click the lock symbol on the hidden page and create pattern lock for your apps.
  10. To view the hidden app swipe the screen from left to right and enter your pattern password.
  11. Now you can see your hidden app.
  12. Select the settings button on the home page of the launcher.

  13. You can change the home page setting,Icon setting and wallpaper of this launcher.
  14. To make the call click the dial pad option on this launcher bottom side.
  15. This launcher has weather option,music option,arc news option and create a note option.
  16. This is very useful launcher for android.

  17. Download

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