Best screen lock for android mobile(Knock lock)

This article about “Best screen lock for android mobile using app”knock lock is the best screen lock for your android mobile.This is high productivity privacy on your android mobile.Using this app who don’t know your screen lock password.This is very useful for all android users.

  1. First download and install this app(I given the link under this post you go to click and install).
  2. Now open.
  3. You can see more option.
  4. Now you select and turn on lock screen option.
  5. This option has create a password on your lock.
  6. You can create your password differently.
  7. That password is tapping method.another any person don’t know your password while you unlock your mobile.
  8. This is very useful app.
  9. This app also have a app lock option.
  10. You can use that option.
  11. This app lock is very higher productivity for your privacy.

  12. Download

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