How to hide whatsapp chats in public places?

Today we are learn about how to hide whatsapp chats in public place using CHAT Curtain app.

  1. This app is used to Protect your privacy in whatsapp.
  2. When you feel like someone notice your whatsapp chat in public place.This app is very helpful this time.
  3. Using this app You can hide your chat from others in public places.


  1. First install “CHAT Curtain” app and open it(Download app from under the post).
  2. Then you can see popup logo in this app.
  3. Now go to your whatsapp chat page.
  4. When you chat your message just click that popup logo.
  5. Now you can see green screen in your display.
  6. Drag that Green screen and hide your chat.That’s it
  7. This app is very useful for whatsapp lovers.


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