How to operate computer using your ANDROID mobile

In this post we learn how to operate computer using android mobile.


  • Wifi mouse app for android.
  • Mouse server software for Computer.


  1. We can use our android mobile as a computer mouse.
  2. We can Use our android mobile as a Computer keyboard.
  3. We can take computer screen shots from our mobile.
  4. We can open the computer software’s from our mobile.
  5. We do browse our computer drives from android mobile.
  6. Can shutdown and screen mirror the computer by using android mobile.


  1. Install mouse app in your mobile and computer.
  2. Run the app in both devices.
  3. Connect your mobile and computer with wifi(No need internet during this process).
  4. Open wifi mouse app in your mobile.
  5. Now you can see your computer name.
  6. Then click your computer name.
  7. That time you operate computer with your android mobile.


Wifi Mouse APP Download

Mouse server Software




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