4 Best Android Applications In 2019(January)


This app is used to take videos and photos secretly.Nobody can identify us when we use this app for recording.Use this app only for legal activities like gathering evidence.Click volume up button for video record.Click volume down button to picture capture.This is very useful app.



Using this app we can check the current level to charge our mobile.When you charge your mobile in normal current this app will indicate as “Sufficient Current” If you charge your mobile in low voltage it will indicate as “Low Electric Current”.In high voltage it will indicate “High Electric Current”.This app is used to check the fake chargers.



We can send voice and text wishes to our friend by using this app.In this app our text will convert into video.In this app we can change the template and songs as we like.We can share the wish to our friends and download in our mobile.



This app is used to set the live wallpaper in our mobile.In this app you can download the wallpaper only if you have coins.You can gain the coins by watching the ads.This app has many beautiful live wallpaper.


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