3 Awesome Apps For Life Time Usage


This app is used to use our two mobile as a walkieTalkie by connecting with wifi.

    1. First install this wifi ear app in your two mobiles.
    2. Open this app.
    3. This app has two option “Use as microphone” and “Use as Speaker”.
    4. “Switch on” the hotspot  on the mobile which you use as a speaker and “Switch on” the wifi on the mobile which you use as a microphone.
    5. Then Connect two mobiles.
    6. Click the option “Use as microphone” in the mobile which you use as a microphone.
    7. Next IP Address and Port will display on the mobile.
    8. Now click the option “Use as Speaker” in the mobile which you use a speaker.
    9. This option has another two option in that you click “Microphone by Address” option.
    10. It will ask to type the IP Address and Port Numbers.
    11. Then click connect.
    12. Now two mobiles are connected.
    13. You can use your mobile phone as a Walkie Talkie.



 If you charge your mobile in any public place.You have chance miss your mobile but using this app you can save your mobile in such situation.If anybody remove your charger you will here Alarm and save the phone.

    1. First Install this app in your mobile.
    2. Type your unlock password in that password option.
    3. When you put your mobile in charge enable the theft alarm option in center.
    4. Now any body try to remove your mobile from charge your phone will give alarm sound.



    1. This app is a gravity Launcher.
    2. In this Launcher you all icons will look like move towards the gravity side.
    3. This app is very nice to see.
    4. You can set your photo like gravity and also you can set the live wallpaper in this launcher.
    5. This is very superb launcher.


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