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How to Control Your PC games and Desktop With Android

In this post, we learn How to control your computer by using your Android mobile. We can also control the PC games.


    1. Remotr Application For Android.
    2. Remotr Software For Computer.


    1. First download remote software for PC.
    2. Next install that software on your PC.
    3. Now open that software.
    4. That software has a login option and sign-in option.
    5. If you want to create an account click the “Sign in” option.
    6. In that enter your email address and create a password to create an account.
    7. Now account will be open for you in that software.
    8. Next download Remotr application for android mobile.
    9. Then install that application on your android mobile.
    10. Login by using your account.
    11. That app has an “Add Streamer” option.
    12. Click that add streamer option.
    13. There will be the “Display name” and “IP address” options.
    14. “Display name” option and “IP address” option will be displayed under the remote software.
    15. See that option and type in that app and save it.
    16. Now your computer will be open on the mobile.
    17. Now that app will show all the games on your computer.
    18. You can open that game and play.
    19. By using the tab key you can also control the desktop of your computer by using your android mobile.


For Android:Sorry not available this time check later

For Computer:Sorry not available this time check later

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