4 New Best Android Apps


This app shows us the Facebook profile of the person who are all in our phone contact,using the app we can directly send them whats-app and sms and also this app is very useful for us to know who is call us.we can also see the name in our phone display who is calling us,overall this is a superb app

How To Set

  1. After installing this app all the contacts Facebook profile picture will come to your mobile display.
  2. Click the profile to know the Facebook,whats app contact of a person.
  3. Whats app and Facebook contacts will be down in that profile.
  4. You can click and contact with the person.
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Using this app we can hide our images,videos and files in our phone.This app has App lock facility.using this app we can use private browsing.In phone icon we can visualize this app only as a clock app.we cannot visualize like hide app.Nobody can find this app in your mobile.

How To Use

  1. The app will open.
  2. One wall clock will appear on that app.
  3. Click tap at the center of the wall clock.The clock will show 12 “o” clock.
  4. Now set your password.Set your password in time system.For example 10:00;11:30.
  5. You want to set the time in Hours:Minuets.
  6. When you open that app normal time will show on the page.
  7. You want to top at center of that clock.
  8. Next type your password to open the hide page.
  9. Click the “plus” option at the end of the page.
  10. Import audio,video and photo options will be there.
  11. Click the suit option to hide the media.
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This app is a Keyboard app.This app visualize as a large size keyboard,and also this app has many Emoji.Using this app we can customize size ,font,color,themes and Touch effects.

  1. Install this app in your mobile.
  2. Enable the access to set default keyboard.
  3. Open this app and go to settings.
  4. You see many option.Click the “Input language” option.
  5. Click the needed language to set your keyboard language you like.
  6. Next click the “Themes”option.
  7. You can change the theme of your keyboard.
  8. Click the “Touch effect” option to change the effects of your text typing.
  9. You can customize the keyboard you like.
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Using this app we can send whats app message without saving their whats app number.Actually we want to save the whats app number in our phone whom we want to chat.but using app we can chat and send message without saving their whats app number in our phone.

How To Use

    1. First install this app.
    2. The app will open with two options.
    3. First option is “Country Code” option.
    4. First type the country code of the whats app number in that “Country code” option.
    5. Next option is “Mobile Number”.
    6. Type the mobile number whom you want to chat.
    7. Then click the “Chat” button to chat directly with the whats app chat.
    8. Now you can make whats app chat without giving the number.

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