How To Reset Forgotten Windows Password Without Los-sing Any Data

Today we are going to learn How To Reset Forgotten Windows Password Without Los-sing Any Data.



  1. “I see windows password recovery” software(Link in this post).
  2. Boo-table pen-drive 8gb (or) over then.
  3. How to make Normal pen-drive to boo-table pen-drive Click Here 


    1. First install “I see windows password recovery” Software on your friends laptop.
    2. Next insert boo-table pen-drive on that laptop, Then open that software.
    3. Now you can see (create password reset USB flash drive) In that you can click BURN USB,You must register “I see windows password recovery” Software.
  1. Now your pen-drive show “Burning Successful”After that eject your pen-drive from that laptop.
  2. Now open your laptop which you need to reset the password.Now press the suitable key for your laptop to enter into boot menu.
  3. What is your boot menu key Click Here see the 7th point.
  4. Now your pen-drive will display on your laptop click and open the pen-drive.
  5. “I see windows password recovery” will open.In that select administrator and click reset password.
  6. Now your computer screen will display as “Reset successfully” Then you click the reboot button.
  7. Administrator profile will open on your laptop click that and login your laptop or PC.  
  I see Widows Password Recovery pro (Software+key)

Click Here


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