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4 Superb Android Apps Must Install



  1. Using This App you can SHARE Everything to your friends ,what you are seeing in your online without any change.
  2. You want to click the share option in YouTube(or) Website which you are seeing ,If you Install the RADON app. The Radon app will open.Click that Radon app.
  3. If your friend have that Radon app.Automatically the video will share to your friend.
  4. This app functions quickly.It is a Good App. 
Download This APP:Click Here


  1. This is a Live Wallpaper APP,using this app you can set your wallpaper a live water flow on your mobile.
  2. In this wallpaper the water will flow all the side of the screen on your can change the color of the water.
  3. If you shake your mobile the water will shake on your mobile.
  4. This is a simple app you can install it in your mobile and use this live wallpaper app.
Download This APP:Click Here



  1.  This app is used to change the effect of the normal photo.
  2. The app has many effects you can change the effect as you like.
  3. Using this app you can directly take photo and change the effect of the photo.
  4. Insert the photo from your phone gallery and change the effect of the photo as you like.
  5. You can share this edited photo in social media.
  6. You can save it in your phone gallery.This is a different photo effect app.
Download This APP:Click Here 


  1. Normally we use sleep time in our mobile.This sleep time will function totally for all option.
  2. Using this Screen time out app we can sleep time separately for the Installed APP which we need.
  3. we can set this sleep time for minimum 7 sec,Maximum we can set the time as we like.
  4. Sometimes in website when we collect the data the mobile screen will get dim.
  5. Using this app we can set the sleep time for the browser which we use.So that the screen will never get dim.This is a useful APP.
Download This APP:Click Here

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