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How To Use Pattern Lock For Computer

Today we are going to learn how to use pattern lock for computer.Sometimes when we are working in laptop or PC by chance we need to getup from that system.It will make chance to other for look into our computer.In that time we can use this pattern lock for our computer.At the end of this post i have given the “maze lock” software link. Click and download.

  1. First Install “maze lock” software in your laptop or PC.
  2. Whenever you need getup from the PC, on that time click the hidden icon arrow at the right side of the desktop.
  3. Then click the “maze lock” software.
  4. Then your laptop screen will locked.
  5. Now you can enter into the PC only by typing the pattern password.
  6. If anybody use your computer (or) Type the wrong password Silencer alarm will ring for one minute.
  7. Now you can knows,That somebody is try to login your computer.


    1. At the right side of your windows desktop,Hidden icon arrow will display click the hidden icon arrow.
    2. Now maze lock software option will show.
    3. Then do right click on that maze lock software.
    4. It shows many options,In that click the second option named “Configuration”.
    5. Now new window will open.
    6. Set your pattern password.



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