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How to know your friend online in whats app through notifications

Today we are going to learn How to know your friend online in whats app through notifications.In actual we can see our friends in online whats app by look into our whats app.we can see their last seen only look into our whats app.

But using this app we know our friends whats app using and their full time history through our phone notification.


  1. First download the Netwa app and install it in your mobile.Under this post i have given the download link of this app.
  2. Next open that app and enter the phone number of your friend whom you wants to track. you want to enter the phone number with the country code.First enter the country code and then enter the number(For Example:If your friend is in India add 91 before his phone number)
  3. Next we want to enter the name of that person.
  4. Now the track will enable.You can delete and edit by swipe the number in left side.
  5. Now you get notification of that number in your mobile(Ex:bossrockapps online) if he is in out of online you will get notification as offline(Ex:bossrockapps offline) and also we can enter into his profile and know the details of his whats app using time through pie chat.
  6. And in this app at the top right corner plus option will appear you can click that and add more numbers and track their numbers.


Download This APP:Click Here

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