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5 Amazing Websites You don’t Know this sites


  1. This website is very useful to change our Black & White photo into color photo.
  2. Select the upload option and select your Black and White photo.
  3. Now your Black and White photo will automatically change into color photo.
  4. This website option will change our Black and White photo into a real color photo.
  5. You can scan your old Black and White photo and upload it in that website and change your old black and white photo into a color photo.
  6. This is very useful website try this website.
VISIT:Click Here



  1. This website screen will display in black color,Your typing text will type in green color.
  2. In your laptop or pc if you type any button it will looks like program typing.
  3. It will looks like a hacker.
  4. If you need Access Denied click caps lock button for three times Access Denied will activate for you.
  5. This is a Funny website using this website you can make prank for your relatives and friends.
VISIT:Click Here



  1. This is playing website.
  2. In center of this website kick button will show do right click on this kick button and add in your browser toolbar.
  3. Now you can use this button in any website.
  4. If you are in any website click that kick button like a triangle one object will open using arrow key move that object.
  5. When ever you are clicking the space bar button the bullet from the triangle object will destroy that place.You can play this game.
VISIT:Click Here



  1. This website is very useful for the short film and you tube video creator.
  2. This website contains many videos when you are making the video you will need some footage,So using the website you can search the video freely copyright claim will never come for this video because this is a free download website.
VISIT:Click Here



Sometimes our laptop or pc will load continuously on our computer screen will upload symbol like this we can artificially create this upload screen loading by using this website this website has upload screen loading for Windows 7,8,10,Vista and Apple OS we can use our computer OS for upload screen and make prank with our friends. 

VISIT:Click Here


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